Protect Your Right to Small-Dollar Loans

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking a second look at harmful regulations that could take away your access to small-dollar loans.

As the CFPB takes a second look at these regulations, your voice must be heard!

  • Protect your access to safe, reliable short-term credit
  • Protect businesses and jobs in your community
  • Protect your financial freedom

Contact the CFPB today and tell them: "Protect my access to credit!"

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The CFPB is Taking a Second Look at Regulations that Could Eliminate Your Access to Small-Dollar Loans

Small-dollar loans help millions of Americans like you manage their finances, but regulations proposed under the Obama administration could take these loans away. Fortunately, the new CFPB leadership is taking a second look at these harmful regulations and considering changes. Your voice is more important than ever, and Washington needs to hear you loud and clear. Tell the CFPB: "Get rid of these harmful regulations! Protect my access to credit!"

Number of underbanked
households in the U.S.

– FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, 2016

Percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck

– 2016 Harris Poll survey

CFPB consumer complaints concerning payday lending

- CFPB Monthly Complaint Snapshot
November 2016

of Americans could not
cover a $400 unexpected expense

– May 2016 Federal Reserve report

Tell the CFPB to Protect Your Access to Small-Dollar Loans

Protect your access to credit today by sending a comment that tells the CFPB how important small-dollar loans are to you and your family.

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