"At the time my husband passed away, I had 4 boys to take care of. Who was going to feed them?"

- Pauletta

"Tomorrow might have been too late for what I needed the cash for."

- Joyce

"Where else would I go?"

- Jasmin

Protect your right to short-term credit!

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Payday Loan Borrower Stories

CFPB Regulations Proposed for Short-Term Credit

What are the unintended consequences?

Increased scams & loan fraud
Small business
Loss of jobs
Loss of credit

What’s the Impact of CFPB's Proposed Rules?

Longer waiting periods between loans
Limited amount of loans within a certain period of time
More paperwork & underwriting, including credit checks
Americans across the country rely on short-term credit to deal with financial emergencies or temporary cash shortfalls. In the absence of a regulated credit option, many consumers will be forced to turn to inferior alternatives, such as unregulated, unlicensed operators that seek to scam consumers and commit fraud. Regulated short-term lenders employ thousands of people across the country, providing them with a steady paycheck and benefits. If the CFPB's overly restrictive policy for short-term lending goes into effect, more than 80 percent of the industry – the majority of which are small businesses – will be forced to shut down and lay off its workforce.

Ask President Trump To Reject The CFPB’s Short-Term Credit Rule

Join us in protecting your consumer rights! Sign a letter today and ask President Trump to reject the CFPB’s short-term credit rule.

To monitor the CFPB’s progress in processing and uploading comments on the short-term credit rule, visit CFPBcommentwatch.com.